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From time to time we will feature a Sunday School Curriculum so that our churches will know what is available for their 
Sunday Schools, Bible Studies and other lesson times.  We will give brief descriptions of the curriculum and how it works. 
 You may contact us or our Free Will Baptist Press for a sample or if you would like to order, the Press will be glad to accommodate your needs.  We will also post any upcoming conferences or conventions that we think you might be 
interested in.
Be sure to visit the Convention Website to see our E-TEACH Newsletter that we send
out bi-monthly to those on the convention e-mail list.
ADVANCED/ The Bible Student (for teachers and students)
OFWB Sunday School Literature for Adults written by Free Will Baptist and published
by the Paul Palmer Press of the OFWB

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Sample Lessons for Standard's Adult Sunday School Curriculum
Get your CD and booklet which includes all resources for sample lessons from Standard.  Quarterly Overview, Scope and Sequence, Lessons, Seek, Group Building Guide, Audio SLC and Lesson Commentary.  Contact us today and let us send you this valuable CD.  Available in KJV and NIV.   Orders can be placed through the FWB Press.

Also from Standard for Children and now being recommended by the FWB Press as first choice in
children's Sunday School Literature:

Heart Shaper
ages Toddler-Pre-teen
Children discover God's love and interact with the Bible in a way that helps them connect to God, Jesus, the church, family, and others.  Easy to follow with activities, music and stories to keep kids engaged.  HeartShaper's Preschool and Pre-K & K curriculum share the same scope and sequence of Bible stories in a 2 year cycle.  The Bible lessons build upon and expand Bible skills that are taught in the curriculum.
Call today for a curriculum sampler that has one lesson from each level, as well as a CD with all ancillaries for the lessons.

Young teen & High School
Challenges students with an engaging Bible study that helps them understand God and the Bible with hands on activities like drama, art and games as well as intellectually engaging small group discussions.
Call today for a curriculum sampler.

Please remember that the FWB Press can meet all of your needs in helping order your materials

For those churches that use Sunday School literature from Standard Publishing. There is a weekly free download available to enrich your use of each lesson in the Standard Lesson Commentary/Quarterly. 
Five Free Downloads are available by Wednesday before the next Sunday's lesson. Go to www.standardlesson.com

Other Free Web Sites for Bible Study to Enrich Your Teaching of the Uniform Series Weekly Lessons:
         http://www.bible.crosswalk.com/  and in the left column click on Bible Study Tools for Bible translations, Bible dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, interlinear Bibles, etc.
         http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/  especially good for building list of different Bible translations of the same passage.
         http://www.ewordtoday.com/comments/  Click on Bible book and chapter, then choose among classic commentaries.


D6 Goes Digital
D6 Digital curriculum will deliever small group and Sunday School the way your students take in information today. Delivered via smart phone, tablet, or computer. Daily devotions are delivered via text, app, or email. Teacher's material are downloadable and analytics for leadership to track each group or class are offered.

New FREE Resource:  Home Connection; One of the greatest strengths of the D6 curriculum is that it gathers every age onto the same page.  Now it's just become easier.  Home Connection is a Free Weekly download resource that gives parents the one place to turn to for a simplified faith talk for their family based on the weekly Bible themes in D6 curriculum

D6 Sunday School Curriculum
Do you want to build faith at home and teach parents and grandparents the importance of passing our faith along to future generations?  The D6 curriculum from Randall House lets your whole Sunday School from age birth to senior adults study the same lesson from the Word of God.  This way when your families leave the church doors they can talk about what they have learned and share the Word with each other.  Isn't that what Deut. 6 tells us we should be doing?  Check this wonderful curriculum out today.  Call the FWB Sunday School Ministry today for a sample or the Free Will Baptist Press to place your order.


If you are currently using David C. Cook   for your children's curriculum, 
you may want to consider looking at "RIO".....
David C. Cook has a new Sunday School curriculum for Early Elementary, Elementary, and Preteens.  It's called "RIO.....Deep & Wide". It's not just a lesson plan but its God's plan.  It's a better way to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ.  With RIO, kids learn how to experience God, discern His voice and know The Spirit's powerful work in their lives.  Rio is about family.  How can church help parents?  Rio provides the resources to help parents play a deeper part in their child's spiritual lives. You can choose to send home a monthly  FamilyConnects Card with your church's name, and also provide website features like the monthly Connections e-newsletter.  Each week the Bible passage in Rio is presented within the context of The Big Bible Panorama- and engaging large-scale Bible timeline. 
Contact your Sunday School Ministry today for more information and free samples.
You can place your order today through the Press.

Children's Home
Foreign Missions
Home Missions and Evangelism/Harvest Connection
Retirement Homes
from Group Publishing

HANDS - ON Bible Curriculum
toddlers-6th grade
Teach as Jesus taught.  Help kids understand important Bible truths using everyday objects. "Learning Labs" make it easy for your volunteers to make the greatest impact with the least amount of work.

Faith Weaver
all age levels- infants through adults
Where families explore the same Scripture each week giving parents a common touchpoint with their children week after week.

Call today for samples then call the Press to place your order
.                                                                                                   LIVE BIG
Hear, See, and Live your Belief in God.
Children's Sunday School Curriculum with Bible-based lessons that are DVD enhanced.
Games, puzzles, and activities to reinforce the lesson throughout the week. Parent pages to continue the learning at home.   Ages 3-13  from Cokesbury
Call us for a sample or place your order through the Press.