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Article of the Month
The Seasons of Life
After returning from a recent trip to Cragmont, I began to notice how much more the leaves had begun to change in the mountains than here in the coastal part of the state.  I thought that it would have been just the opposite, seeing as how the weather is warmer here with more sun and heat, which would help the leaves to turn faster and shed, right?....but after giving this a little more thought, I realized that it's not the heat and sun that makes the difference.  It's the time of the season.  Cold is setting in in the mountains and the leaves are changing and the trees will soon become bare as they prepare for winter.  All of this started me thinking about the seasons of life.
Some of you may find yourself in the Spring of your life.  Your young, energetic, and just beginning to "bud".  You may still be in school, starting new classes, experiencing school or life in a whole new way.  Maybe your just beginning to drive, or you've just gotten married, or maybe your family is growing in numbers.  Then there are those of us who are caught between summer and fall.  We are getting a little more than midway of our lives and things are beginning to settle down at times, but there maybe a new grand baby or some other things to happen occasionally that keeps things exciting.  Then there are those who maybe in the autumn of their lives.  Those who are more "seasoned" in the experiences of life as they begin to prepare for the winter. Remember snow is pretty too!  
Sometimes though, life throws us a curve ball and the seasons begin to change a little faster than what we would like.  The winds begin to blow and they seem to cause the leaves to fall from the trees a little sooner than we had planned.  In the book of Acts, Jesus tells his disciples that "it is not for them to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power".  He then goes on to tell them that they will receive the Holy Ghost and would be witnesses of Him in all the land. None of us know when the Lord may call us home or if we will have the opportunity to reach the winter season of our lives, but until then we should know that Jesus is with us and we are to tell those around us and whomever we can of His great power and love.  
As this fall season approaches, I encourage you to think about the seasons of life.  Are you living yours to the fullest and most of all are you sharing your beautiful colors (your love, your talents, your witness) that God has blessed you with?  Do others know that you are truly grateful for the beauty that God has put in your life?  No matter how quickly the seasons are changing, God is in control of them.  He made them all and knows every leaf that has or will fall, and just as the roads in the mountains have their bends and curves, God is there to help us get through those "bends in the roads". He can "make the crooked roads straight" Isaiah 44:2. We must remember that God created alll things for His pleasure and all things are beautiful in his sight.  God is in control.

written by: Gail Heath
"Bend in the Road" is a book written by Dr. David Jeremiah