The Art of Marriage is a 6 sessions DVD based study on strengthening marriages from "Family Life Today"
If you would like to host an "The Art of Marriage" session/retreat at your church, please contact us today.  We have the resources you need to host this event.  This is a wonderful way for you to reach the families in your church, to strengthen marriages, and to bring couples together for a time of wonderful fellowship.  
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Article of the Month
"Out of His Great Love"

     "Out of His Great Love, He picked me up, set my feet on a sturdy rock. Out of His Great Love, I've learned the meaning of, Salvation, out of His Great Love."
These are lyrics to a song The Martins recorded entitled "Out of His Great Love".  February is a month the we turn our thoughts to love.  Specifically Feb.14th. We buy cards, flowers, jewelry, candy and other things to express our affections to those that we love.  We should indeed do this, not only on this special day but all through the year.
Let's not forget to give our thanks and show our appreciation to our creator and the one who gave His life so we may receive Salvation and know the true meaning of LOVE, like no one else can give. If we are willing to spend (sometime extravagantly) to let someone know our feelings, should we not also give our best to the Master. 
     We at the Sunday School Ministry pray that God will continue to bless you and your family.  February is also Sunday School Month.  We would like to take this time to thank our God for His many blessing on this ministry.  As we try to offer to our denomination ways that we can help our churches help their people, it is by God's grace and His great Love that we are able to do so.  It is also through your prayers and support that we can continue to grow and offer more opportunities for Christian Education.
We hope that you have a wonderful time of celebration of your love for that someone special, but let's not forget to stop and SHOW our Love for Jesus Christ.