The Art of Marriage is a 6 sessions DVD based study on strengthening marriages from "Family Life Today"
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Article of the Month
"Am I Glowing?"
I recently reviewed a Bible Object lesson from "Ministry-to-Children" entitled "Glowsticks and Christ in Us".  It uses a glow stick and a clear glass of tonic water to illustrate
the scripture of John 8:12.  It teaches children that no matter how dark things are outside or around us, the Light of Jesus Christ still shines and that we should also be a light for Him so that others around us may see the Light of Christ in us. She wanted the glow stick and the glass of water to represent the Light of Christ. Until I read this lesson, I was not aware that tonic water glowed in the dark. Mimi Bullock the writer of this object lesson, showed her students that once the lights were out, the glow necklace along with the water illuminated. She then asked her students what would happen when she drank the tonic water? Would she began to glow? God's light was now inside her. Right?  But of course she was not glowing. She went on to conclude that "you don't have to drink God's light to have it inside you, and to remember that Jesus promised his followers that they would be lights too".
This got my attention and made me do a little thinking.  I totally agree that when Christ looks at us, we should glow so that we are a light for Him and others may see CHRIST....IN us...THROUGH us...AROUND us...and even ON us!  I do think however, that in order for ALL of the aforementioned things to happen, we need to CONSUME Christ.  I know that we can not physically drink or consume Jesus, but we could have Him IN our lives so much to the point that EVERYTHING we say or do is about Him. 
He could be the first thing/person we think of, the first person we talk to, ask our questions to, the person we visit with the most, the one who is present at every meal, every conversation, in our homes, at our work places, at school, on the field, in the car, on our computers and in every moment of our spare time, even in the decisions to what clothing we wear.  I am not sure if you noticed at the beginning of the last sentence I said we "could", but do we?  I don't know about you, but I fall very short of having Him be present in EVERYTHING I say or do, and I am afraid that I don't always "glow" to the point that I look like I've been consuming Christ, but that shouldn't stop me from trying.  Maybe when I use this lesson illustration with my youth group I will concentrate on the consuming Christ part and drink just a little more that a sip of the water and think about how I can let others see Christ through me,on me and let everyone around me know that yes, He is IN me.  What does Christ look like in you?
written by: Gail Heath