The Art of Marriage is a 6 sessions DVD based study on strengthening marriages from "Family Life Today"
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Article of the Month
Paying Attention to Details
I can remember hearing the phrase "pay attention to the deails" alot when in school, especially when doing a project or report.  We were always encouraged to
include details so that we would know special facts about subject.  Have you ever thought about the fact that we serve a very detailed God.  When you look at creation around us, we see that there are so many specific details.  For example, the distance between the planets and the sun and moon. There are specific distances between each and if it were any different, the gravitational pull on the earth would be so great that water would flood the earth or we would be burnt by the sun.  Also, look at the detail He gave the children of Israel building the tabernacle or the exact details He gave Noah in building the ark.  God gave specific directions and details to the prophets in choosing kings. He also gave a lot of details about Heaven to John through the book of Revelation.  Then there is the detail in the structure of our own human bodies.  The DNA make up of each one of us.  So detailed but yet so that no two of us are alike.    
If God uses so much detail in His works, should we not serve Him in detail?   We should want to give Him our very best just as He gave His very best for us.
He gave His one and only son so that we could have life and have it more abundantly.  We should not be willing to give back to him anything that is "second rate", making sure that we have detailed our live to focus around Him.  Not just fitting Him in wherever we can.  Our service to Him should be detailed so that there is no mistake as to whom we live for, being full of praise, prayer, service to others, witnessing, and thanksgiving.  Do you go to church and Sunday School as you should?  Do you serve Him as you should? 
Let's make sure that we are serving Him by living a life that is as detailed as He is.
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